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And here a short summary of Project Circleg:

Project Circleg is developing an appropriate lower-limb prosthetic system designed for the needs and circumstances of amputees in developing countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 35 to 40 million people globally require prosthetic and orthotic services1; 80% of which are living in developing countries where the combination of an affordable and highly functional system is not available.

Project Circleg aims to reduce this gap through its innovative circular and social business model approach by up-cycling local plastic waste into an affordable high-quality prosthetic leg. This model for development offers people with lower limb disabilities the opportunity to experience the benefits of self-determined mobility – in particular, spillover effects with regards to access to education, to the labor market and social life. This newfound freedom offers improved prospects for prosperity leading to improved livelihoods and dignity.
Circleg is set to source and produce locally by establishing a factory capable of scaling up to meet the needs of this market segment within the region of East Africa. In addition to product supply to distributors such as hospitals, NGOs and orthopedic intermediaries, we shall provide services linked to educational technical trainings and ‘wear and tear’ spare parts – largely possible thanks to the advanced degree of modularity of our innovative system.
Our project focuses on delivering measurable high impact outcomes for its end-users, while abiding by the forward-looking principles of a planet centric circular economy ecosystem, thus accounting for environmental, social, governance and technological considerations. Project Circleg contributes to 10 out of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with a core emphasis on freedom of choice for self-determined mobility.
Project Circleg receives generous support from the Ikea Stiftung Schweiz, the First Ventures Programme of the Gebert Rüf Foundation, the Pro Victimis Foundation, ProHelvetia and the Lottery Fund St. Gallen.