Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where can I get a Circleg prosthetic?

We will launch the new Circleg prosthetics in Q3 2023 in Kenya. We work with selected partner institutions who are certified to fit the Circleg prosthetic in order to ensure high quality care. If you are interested in getting a Circleg prosthetic you can sign yourself up on the provision list. As soon as we are distributing the Circleg prosthetics you will be notified on where and when you can get one.


How much does a circleg prosthetic cost?

The price of a circleg prosthetic depends on the type of amputation you have and where the circleg will be fitted. If you are interested in getting a circleg prosthetic you can sign yourself up on the provision list. (long term costs/ real costs)


What can I do if I cannot afford the Circleg prosthetic?

We are in the process of creating mechanisms that can support you in financing the circleg prosthetic. Please sign yourself up to the provision list if you are interested in getting involved in our supporting systems. Your information will help us to develop a system that is tailored to your needs.


Where is the Circleg being produced?

The circleg components of the first series are produced and assembled in Kenya. This allows us to create the value as close as possible to our beneficiaries and simplifies the ordering process for hospitals and prosthetic workshops.


What makes the circleg prosthetic unique?

The circleg has been designed for and with amputees. This aspect ensured that we create a product which is perfectly fitted to the needs of amputees. That is why, the circleg is fully customizable to each and everyone with simple tools and less effort. That is why,  we used reinforced plastics to make the prosthetic very lightweight and hence, comfortable for everyday activities. That is why, the Circleg is manufactured in Kenya very close to our beneficiaries, reducing costs and waiting time while allowing repair and maintenance. The co-creation with our users make the circleg unique.