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And here a short summary of Circleg:

Circleg is a social enterprise providing high quality, accessible and holistic prosthetic care, with a focus on beneficiaries in low and middle income countries (LMICs). We enable freedom of mobility, through the provision prosthetic components and enabling services which further scale our impact. We develop solutions to support amputees in their path to regain mobility, thinking beyond the mere supply of a high quality prosthetic, integrating amputees and orthopedic technicians in the process. We place a strong focus on innovating, in thinking differently and in systemic reinventions. 

The Circleg journey started in 2018 through the Bachelor Thesis of Fabian and Simon, as they completed their studies in industrial design at the Zurich University of the Arts. Circleg is now a fastly growing venture split between Switzerland and Kenya. We are 5 co-founders and an ambitious and talented team of 14, motivated by the desire to drive.