The circleg is a modular prosthetic leg designed for above- and below-knee amputees. It’s fully customizable to each and everyone with simple tools and less effort. The use of reinforced plastics makes the prosthetic very lightweight and comfortable for everyday activities. The circleg is manufactured in Kenya close to our beneficiaries, reducing costs and waiting time while allowing for easy repair and maintenance.


high quality


easy and fast fit


local production


«The circleg prosthesis feels very stable and secure and the foot provides me with energy while walking. I like it.»

– Ali, Poultry farmer

«I can't wait to show the circleg prosthesis to my family and friends.»

– Jolly, Hairdresser
knee pylone foot-2

Modular System

The circleg prosthetic consists of a polycentric knee, a pylon and a dynamic foot. Its components can be adjusted individually to the body measurements and movement characteristics of users.


Polycentric Knee

Provides a high level of stability and includes an extension assist spring and a flexion damper to prevent dangerous trip hazards.

Customizable Cover

Provides a beautiful leg shape and maximum protection while being adjustable in length and shape to suit the individual user.

Dynamic Foot

Enables a satisfying roll-over and energy return while walking by simultaneously offering great stability in the stance phase.

Polycentric Knee

The circleg polycentric knee provides a high level of stability at heel strike and more ground clearance during the swing phase. It has an extension assist spring and a flexion damper at toe-off to improve energy consumption and gait cycle. The knee cap protects the mechanism from dirt and allows a kneeling position with up to 150 degrees of knee flexion.

Dynamic Foot

The circleg dynamic foot is designed for active users with increased durability and desired energy storage/return. It provides a smooth roll-over during stance phase. The plastic-fibreglass material is lightweight yet durable and combined with the design provides a natural, flexible feel during activities. The foot is easily adjustable for size and adaptable to fit both left and right. In use, it is equipped  with a cover which protects it from moisture and dirt and makes it look even better.


Customizable Cover

The circleg customizable cover is designed for transfemoral and transtibial amputees and gives the circleg its unique look. The cover provides a beautiful leg shape and maximum protection for your prosthesis. The lightweight material is impact, water and chemical resistant and can be adjusted in length and shape to suit the individual user. The cover also serves as an ideal base for customized leather or textile wrappings.


«Very lightweight, great colors, good design – I like the circleg!»

– Lawrence, President of the Amputee Football Federation Uganda

«It feels so comfortable!»

– Hanifah, Mother
high quality

High quality standards

High quality medical devices are the key for freedom of mobility and a real empowerment of the user. To ensure high quality, the circleg prosthesis is designed following the international standards (ISO standards) for prosthetic and orthotic devices and the guidelines of the European medical device regulations (EU MDR). This ensures high technical performances, durability and adaptability to local conditions and diversified needs. 


Training programs
easy and fast fit

Customizable to everyone

Our prosthetic system is modular and therefore adjustable individually to each user, with both above- and below-knee amputations. The foot and knee components are customizable with the use of a few tools, simplifying the adjustment and alignment process for P&O specialists, drastically reducing the working time.

local production

Creating value locally

The circleg prosthesis is designed and engineered with circularity in mind to eliminate waste, re-circulate materials, and regenerate nature. We manufacture the circleg prosthesis in Kenya to improve the long waiting times, inefficient and costly procurements and logistical challenges of our customers. Local production and assembly further improves maintenance and repair of used parts, thus increasing the longevity of our prosthetics and reducing costs for our beneficiaries.

Local production
First Orders

Be among the first to benefit from the circleg prosthesis

We will start providing the circleg prosthetics in the second half of 2023 in the East African region. Contact us for detailed product information and pre-orders.


Closing the loop

The circleg prosthesis is designed to be fully recyclable. With each cycle, we’re using fewer virgin materials and protecting the earth’s resources.


When the old prosthetic parts are returned, we grind them, melt them down and reuse 100% of the material.


The prosthetic components are manufactured with simple and on-site available production methods and are pre-assembled in our circleg hub.


The pre-assembled components are distributed to local hospitals, NGO’s, health centers and prosthetic workshops in the region.

Fitting & Adjustment

The circleg components are individually adapted to the beneficiaries by P&O specialists in the respective health centers.

Use & Repair

The circleg prosthesis is now ready for use. Thanks to its modularity, individual parts can be easily maintained, repaired and replaced.


Broken parts are collected and returned to the material cycle in order to produce new circleg components.

R&D journey

Co-creation for the win

We designed and engineered the circleg prosthesis in close collaboration with acclaimed experts, academia and industry partners. But more importantly, with amputees and P&O specialists in both Switzerland and the East African region. This interdisciplinary collaboration has allowed us to create a product that complies with the standards outlined by the EU MDR while fulfilling the needs of both users, P&O specialists and amputees.