At circleg we look at the bigger picture of prosthetic care and consider the needs of all the stakeholders involved. We therefore provide services and programs to ensure the necessary support to enable high-quality prosthetic care. 

Circleg Training Program

We provide a holistic training program for P&O professionals which enables participants to become certified in the circleg technology. The circleg training program entails training in the ischial containment socket manufacturing technology, enabling P&O professionals to apply the state-of-the art quality level of prosthetic care. Please reach out to us regarding the possibility to participate in the circleg training program.


Increasing Accessibility

In spite of the affordability of our components, we are fully aware that many amputees may still struggle to access the prosthetic care we promote. Geographic accessibility is a limitation for many amputees living in rural areas, away from existing traditional sources of prosthetic care. Financial accessibility is greatly hindered by the low purchasing power of a large fraction of amputees.  This is why we are getting creative, devising new innovative mechanisms to increase both geographic and financial accessibility of high quality prosthetic care. Interested in a collaboration? Feel free to reach out to us.

social impact

Amputee Empowerment

Given the great stigma around amputation, as well as the high degree of misinformation and lack of resources for amputees, we are developing programs and campaigns to empower amputees and creating a new narrative around disabilities. Check out our previous campaigns here! If you are an individual or an organization wishing to support amputees and interested in a collaboration with circleg, please reach out to us!