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Express Your Beauty

Express your beauty

We are on a mission to revolutionise the perception of disability by redefining it as an ability. We illustrated this message in our market entry campaign “Express Your Beauty” showcasing amputees dancing and revelling in the joys of life.

We are on a mission to revolutionise the perception of disability by redefining it as a newfound ability. Our communication strategy exudes this transformative spirit. Through our market entry campaign, “Express Your Beauty,” we showcase amputees dancing and revelling in the joys of life, with a strong emphasis on the possibility that life after amputation can ignite. This campaign aims to empower individuals, reflecting our commitment to change the perspective on disability. 

Next to that we want to show the Circleg in motion – says Laura, co-founder of Circleg. ‘And dance is a universal language’ she says. Holistic prosthetic care for us means committing to empower amputees, it’s not just about the product.

«We want to empower people to live their daily lives»

says Simon, co-founder of Circleg.

Express your beauty training 1
Express your beauty training 2

The dance video is created with an East-African crew. Tanzanian dance artist and choreographer Samuel Japhet was responsible for the choreography. This was his first time working with amputees and was very curious to know which expressions they would like to bring and keen to learn more about living with an amputated leg. Together they found a common way of expressing themselves in dance and in his own words ‘are creating a community, which is about inclusion no matter our differences’.  

Dancers Judith, Magdalene, Sera, Samson and Jacky practised a full week on the choreography together with Samuel and the circleg team.  «I never knew I could dance as a prosthetic user» says Judith Akinyi, one of the dancers. Feeling more confident and no longer afraid to truly express themselves was exactly the aim of the campaign. The music video premiered during the Product Launch Event in Nairobi, Kenya. Alongside the dance videos we’ve created interviews in which the crew and dancers tell about their experiences during the making of the campaign. Check it out on our YouTube Channel

«I don’t have to pretend who I am not. And if I am crazy I will bring out the craziness because the environment allows»

  • Sera, prosthetic user and dancer
Express Your Beauty - making off
Express Your Beauty - making off