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It’s all about the how!

What an honour! At the beginning of 2022, we got the chance to present Circleg at the TedxDornbirn in Austria. The whole Circleg Team attended the event and Simon our speaker, inspired the audience from the very first words on.

«Ideas worth spreading» was the topic of the 5 years TedxDornbirn. Speakers with different professional backgrounds such as a Glaciologist, Data Scientist, Researcher, and Musicians have been invited. We asked ourselves at the very early stage what idea is really worth spreading. What is inspiring and interesting to share on a stage like this? What do we want to transmit with Circleg? 

Through the creation and development of Circleg, we have realized that the way we do things ultimately has a more significant impact on the world we live in than the specific content itself. The WHAT and the WHY are the basis of every activity, but we strongly believe that it is in the HOW where the greatest potential for positive impact lies. We think that with the right people and the right mindset you can achieve and thrive in almost everything. 

Producing a cost-effective prosthesis is one thing but developing a holistic system for long-term and ecologically sustainable prosthetic care is another. That is why we want to talk about the HOW. It doesn’t matter what profession or field you work in. In our opinion, how we do things is a necessary and important reflection that should be made at every level, from our personal lives to the decision-makers of big corporations. How do we want to work? How do we design and produce? How do we want to shape our society? 


We encourage you to ask yourself how you would like to do things. How do you create your environment? How would you like to be treated in your daily life? This reflection opens up new ideas and great opportunities to strive in what you want to do. Check out the video and let us surprise you with why lunch is an important time at Circleg.