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Reveal of Circleg One

Product launch of the Circleg One

We are so proud, it's finally here! We are introducing the Circleg One lower limb prosthetic system into the African market. The Product launch happened on October 17th, in Nairobi. We couldn't be more proud of this day!

The Circleg One seamlessly combines affordability with uncompromising quality. Its modular design, consisting of four components, is customizable to above- and below-knee amputees with simple tools and minimal effort. The use of reinforced plastics makes the prosthetic lightweight and comfortable for everyday activities. The Circleg One is CE marked, according to the European Medical Device Regulations, as well as ISO tested representing the pinnacle of industry standards. We are partnering with renowned organisations in the sector, such as Cure International and APDK to scale the impact and support amputees across Kenya and beyond. 

The product launch in Kenya is just the start of our expansion into the African market and beyond. From 2024 onwards, we will begin distribution into the neighbouring countries of the East African Community (Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda) to then expand to other continents. 80% of the world’s amputees reside in low-and-middle-income countries, yet only 10% of these have access to prosthetic devices, due to the challenges posed by inappropriate, unaffordable, and unavailable existing systems.

We are committed to expanding the reach to regions with pressing needs, presenting compelling opportunities for growth and positive change.

Product launch event
Panel at launch

The one-day product launch event hosted on October 17th in Nairobi at the amazing venue Shamba Events comprised a diverse programme. After an exciting video, showing the beginnings of our journey, we were honoured to welcome Alex Kisyanga, from the Ministry of Health Kenya, who spoke about the current state of holistic prosthetic care in Kenya. This was followed by interesting presentations of local stakeholders talking about fostering holistic prosthetic care. Among them Dr. Evelyne Mbugua, director of CURE International; Benzon Luvalzi from APDK; David Munyendo, Country director of CBM International and Col. Evelyne Maweu, Head of Rehabilitative Services at KDOD with whom we had a panel discussion considering holistic prosthetic care, moderated by our own Nicole.

Panel at launch

The highlight of the day was the world premiere of the Circleg One, revealed by Ariana Waldvogel from Pro Victimus Foundation and Alex Kisyanga from the Ministry of Health Kenya. This was followed by a touching panel discussion. Four Circleg ambassadors showed their vulnerability by allowing us in on their story of how they became a person with an amputation. The panel was led by our own Magdalene. Being an amputee herself, she gracefully moderated the panel. Samuel from Uganda, Consolata, Judith and Caroline from Kenya told us their emotional life stories that kept the audience glued to their seats.

Want to get a full impression of the day? Watch our after movie here.

Circleg One